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Winning the gold medal at the 2016 Commonwealth Championships.
Winning the gold medal at the 2016 Commonwealth Championships.

I have finally gotten around to updating my website. It has been a long time coming now just to tidy up the back yard, paint the house and get a real job. The next year and half is going to be huge in the weightlifting world. With the 2018 Commonwealth Games just over 500 days away there are going to be lots of blood sweat and tears and lifters coming out of the woodwork vying for a place on the 2018 Commonwealth Games team and to be there on the 4 April 2018. Ever since the Gold Coast were announced as hosts of the 2018 games way back in 2011 it was a goal of mine to compete and win the those games. I have had the privilege of competing at a home games in 2006 down in Melbourne which was a fantastic experience. Now I could have that same opportunity again, but even closer to home. Home games are special because it gives a a chance for family and friends to come and support you and see you in action. Also a huge advantage is the support of a home crowd. I still remember the huge noise from the crowd in Melbourne when I was coming out for the my final clean and jerk attempt.


While 2016 started out as disappointing year missing out on Rio Olympic Games selection it finished much better. Working with my coach and physiotherapist we developed a training regime that  helped keep this old body moving well. That is the key to weightlifting success to to keep moving. The longer you can train injury free, regardless of intensity, means the longer you can train. It really provides a great base and confidence in your body to hole up to the rigours of weightlifting training. 


I'm looking forward to doing some more volume in training for the remainder of the year before building up to the Australian International in Melbourne in March 2017 and a huge 2017.