After competing in the 2010 North American Strongest Woman National Titles and placing 5th in the middle weight division, I decided that I had to recruit some expert help for my clean and pressing. This was one strongwoman event that I knew not only required brute strength but was seriously technical in many ways.

In March I heard a whisper in the Strongman Circles that THE Damon Kelly - Commonwealth champion - took on personal training clients! This was the answer to my 'pressing' situation!

I contacted Damon and told him my goal: I Needed to improve my clean and press as I was keen to improve on my 2010 placing in america in 2011.

Damon was totally accommodating and flexible in terms of setting up our first session: I work full time and train 6 days a week.

I have been blown away by Damon's knowledge and ability to impart his wealth of technical advice to assist me in improving my axel clean and presses! It is a real skill to not only be able to perform as an elite athlete but to impart the skills and knowledge to others is a gift! Damon has it...

Damon was forthcoming with tips and tricks to improve my technique and I look forward to more sessions, which will allow me to reach my goals for 2011!

Thanks Damon!

Sue Metcalf (sponsored by GenTec Nutritional Supplements) - International Strongwoman Competitor